Raw materials

The unique character of the aromatized drinks of CJSC “Buket Moldavii” is largely determined by the recipe of mixture of raw materials.


Twenty brand shops of CJSC “Buket Moldavii” offer a full range of products.

Игристые вина

От ЗАО «Букет Молдавии» поистине праздничный напиток.

Космонавт Леонов и Космический

Бальзамы от ЗАО «Букет Молдавии» отражают активное участие космонавтов и специалистов космической отрасли


Original according to their recipe and classic in technology of their production

Aromatized wines

Aromatized wines CJSC “Buket Moldavii” are brand and pride of the company.

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Vermouths, aromatized and sparkling wines, liqueurs, bitters, balsams, strong drinks, brandy and divins are made according to the original and unique recipe.

For more than sixty years, the company keeps the secrets of preparing of its best beverages, handed down from generation to generation of masters.

In every drop of production made by the team of CJSC “Buket Moldavii” you will feel

the solar energy, concentrated in each berry of the vine

the unique properties and inimitable aroma of wild flowers, spicy and aromatic plants, carefully grown on the picturesque meadows along the Dniester River

the emotional warmth of the multinational people


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