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Discover the authentic Italian taste in every sip of Aperol BM from CJSC "Buket Moldavii"!

The Aperol BM position from Buket Moldavii CJSC is a unique combination of craftsmanship and inspiration, created in honor of the traditional Italian liqueur Aperol.

Aperol BM embodies the vibrant energy and warm atmosphere of the Mediterranean, while maintaining the traditional flavor profile of the Italian aperitif, which was previously considered impossible to replicate due to the secrecy of proportions!

After many attempts due to the complexity of the composition, CJSC “Buket Moldavii” solemnly announces the creation of an identical taste profile of the Italian aperitif, at a very reasonable price!

Aperol BM is the perfect combination of tradition and modernity. It has a refined taste, in which you can feel the sweet bitterness of orange, herbal notes and a slight harmony of aromas. This drink will be a real discovery for connoisseurs of quality and classic tastes!

“Aperol BM” promises to present and convey the same taste profile of the traditional Italian liqueur “Aperol”. It is ideal for preparing a variety of cocktails, adding a special Italian charm to any event.

The main famous cocktail based on this liqueur is the Aperol Spritz:

The Aperol Spritz cocktail is a light and refreshing drink inspired by the Italian aperitif tradition.

This cocktail has become a real hit due to its bright colors and attractive taste. Here is his description:

Title: "Aperol Spritz"


90 ml Aperol BM

60 ml cool white sparkling wine “Bouquet of Moldova Brut”


Orange slice for decoration


Fill a glass (usually a wine glass) with ice cubes.

Add 90 ml of Aperol BM to the glass.

Pour 60 ml of cool white sparkling wine “Bouquet of Moldavia Brut” into a glass.

Mix the ingredients.

Garnish the cocktail with an orange slice.

“This type of preparation is considered classic, mainly in establishments or at home to simplify preparation, the proportions are one to one.”

Characteristics: The Aperol Spritz cocktail has sweet and bitter notes that create a unique and refreshing flavor bouquet. The orange slice adds a fragrant citrus accent to the cocktail, while the sparkling wine gives it a light, pleasantly bubbly feel.

· Alc. - 11% Vol.

· Sugar - 250g/l

Serving: The Aperol Spritz cocktail is ideal for summer evenings, meetings with friends and picnics. Its vibrant color and fresh flavor make it an attractive choice for those who appreciate light and rich flavor combinations. Enjoy this cocktail in good company, creating the atmosphere of an Italian holiday.

This new position from CJSC "Buket Moldavii" is not only a product, but also an art of perfection, which is designed to please and surprise even the most sophisticated lovers of classic aperitifs!

Discover the magic of traditional Italian taste in every sip of Aperol BM from CJSC Buket Moldavii!