Wine production

Wine production is a process that accumulates technological methods from growing grapes, processing them, to making wines, divins and other beverages. At each stage the manufacturer is responsible for the quality of the final product coming from the company to the sales network.


The varieties of grapes planted on the fields of the factory are chosen according to the direction of their use (wine, divin, etc.), depending on the characteristics of the physical and chemical composition of the ripe grape berries and the desired final result.


Grapes are harvested in the period of reaching the technical maturity of berries. Processing, production of wine materials, production of beverages: wines, divins, liqueurs, balsams, etc. is made in accordance with technological regulatory documentation, and if necessary and feasible, nanotechnology techniques are used. The quantity and choice of the assortment of products are directly related to the demand of consumers.


The whole process of creating a particular beverage requires a high level of professionalism, a special creative approach and a reverential attitude – all these being characteristic of the specialists of the company CJSC “Buket Moldavii”.

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