Growing grapes

For a long time people used to eat berries of a grapevine, appreciating them for their delicate taste and useful properties. The grapevine (Latin Vitis vinifera) is liana, perennial shrubs with long vines, a sun plant that requires good light and only under such conditions it develops well sprouts, leaves, fruits.

Oil is squeezed out from grape seeds, and grape leaves are used to make dolma, rolls and other stuffed dishes.

Fruits of grapes are used for food fresh, they can also be processed for raisins, grape juice, wine, jam, marinades, stewed berries, various drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), and wine vinegar, including balsamic. Fruits of grapes are juicy berries with 1-4 small seeds (in some varieties seeds are absent), they are collected in clusters that vary greatly in shape, color: they can be green, pink, yellow, dark red, black-violet (usually with a wax coating).

Grapes are grown in temperate and subtropical regions, they are widely cultivated in many countries all over the world.

Our region (Moldova, Pridnestrovie) is very favorable for growing both table and technical varieties of grapes.

At CJSC “Buket Moldavii” vineyards occupy an area of ​​460 hectares, of which 406 hectares are used to grow technical grape varieties: Cabernet Cortis, Ugni Blanc, Colombard, Folle Blanche, Aligote, Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Suruchensky white, Onitskansky white, Muscaris, Bessarabsky Muscat, Sukholimansky, Bachoysky; and 54 hectares are used for cultivation of table grape varieties: Black Magic, Sultana (Vitis Kishmish Luchistii), Lora, Dunav, Arcadia, Talisman.

To grow and collect a healthy harvest, the necessary and timely agrotechnical work is carried out. Of the climatic factors for grapes the most important are: light, heat, moisture of the vegetative period, wintering conditions.    

Throughout the territory occupied by our vineyards, agroclimatic conditions are the same. Morphological, physical and chemical parameters of soil, determining the location of grape varieties and rootstocks of perennial plants, are carefully chosen for every grape variety – to grow it on a particular plot.

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