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Plant production
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Wine products
The production of wine products is a process that accumulates the use of technological methods from growing grapes, processing them, to the art of making wines, divins and other drinks.

The choice of grape varieties for planting on the plantations of the enterprise is made according to the direction of their use (wine, divin, etc.), depending on the characteristics of the physicochemical composition of mature grapes and on the desired end result.

The grapes are harvested during the period of reaching the technical maturity of the berries. Processing, obtaining wine materials, making drinks: wines, divins, liqueurs, balsams, etc. is carried out in accordance with technological regulatory documentation using, if necessary and acceptable, nanotechnological techniques. The number and choice of product range are directly related to consumer demand.

The whole process of creating this or that drink requires a high level of professionalism, a special creative approach and reverent attitude, which the specialists of the company CJSC "Buket Moldavii" possess.

Product Catalog
Growing plant materials

Vegetable raw materials used in the manufacture of products of CJSC "Buket Moldavii"

The originality of the flavored drinks of CJSC “Buket Moldavii” is largely determined by the formulation of a mixture of plant raw materials and spicy-aromatic ingredients used to give the drinks a specific taste and aroma. The composition of the recipes is a closely guarded secret of our company.

The composition of infusions for flavored wines, vermouth and other drinks includes more than 60 names of herbal ingredients. These are leaves, flowers, seeds of herbs and plants, roots and rhizomes of plants, bark of trees or shrubs, dry and juicy fruits, as well as essential oils. The plant's raw materials are harvested by the specialists of the enterprise during the period of the highest content of essential oils.

Herbs and flowers are harvested during the flowering period, buds - at the beginning of swelling, fruits - usually in the full ripening phase, roots and rhizomes - shortly before the transition to a state of winter dormancy. The collected raw materials, after sorting and preparation, are dried or processed.

Most of them are grown on the plantations of the enterprise in the valley of the Dniester River and in the forestry areas of the republic. Spices and essential oils are purchased from specialized firms. The preparation of extracts from ingredients is carried out using traditional methods for the production of flavored wines and alcoholic beverages.